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Level up your team in 3 steps:


Review any commit against every backend.

Get immediate feedback from the people who matter, just by sharing a URL.

Find hard-to-catch bugs before they impact your customers by testing with real browsers, on real devices, on real production data.

Stop just doing "code reviews" & start doing "product reviews". No more fighting over staging or demo environments.

And for managers, get visibility into exactly what the team is building, without slowing them down.

STEP 2: Host without compromise

Never lock yourself in to a hosting platform again.

Linc is a pipeline, not a production host, so you're free to choose the hosting platform that suits your needs best, at the lowest cost.

Like Cloudflare Workers, a serverless platform running in 200+ locations worldwide that costs 10x less than competing platforms. Or Lambda@Edge, giving AWS customers a global hosting platform without managing servers or writing a single line of code.

Even deploy to your own infrastructure! Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku, Vercel, any public or private cloud is compatible (with a few minutes of setup).

All Linc's features are supported regardless of your chosen host: from automatic releases, branch previews, instantaneous rollbacks, pinned versions & more.


Integrate tools for every team member

Integrate world’s-best-practice tooling & workflows into your team with a single click.

From end-to-end testing tools like Cypress or Puppeteer, to performance monitoring tools like Lighthouse or Calibre, to manual QA utils like Browserstack, Linc makes it easy to plug in whatever tools your team finds valuable.

Get detailed feedback on work-in-progress using our custom browser extension, or integrate with bug-reporting tools like Bugherd.

Broadcast new preview URLs to Slack or Discord, or attach them to cards on Jira or Trello. Keep the whole team abreast of the discussion, not just those with GitHub access.

The only way to build a high-quality product at speed is to bring everyone along, and Linc is designed to do just that.

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Preview links

Every single commit has a unique URL for every backend. Now, the whole organisation can see & use any version against any backend, such as development, staging or even production.

From every preview link you can send a comment (with screenshot & metadata) straight into a Pull Request. No need for Github access.

Workflow integrations

We strongly believe that the information you need should be where you are working.

This is why we already integrate with Github PRs & Slack and are working on Trello, Jira & many other integrations to make sure everyone has all the information they need at their fingertips.

Test integrations

There are a lot of amazing testing tools out there. Browserstack to test across browsers, Calibre for performance testing, Percy for visual regression tests and many more. But integrating those into your pipeline can take hours, if not days, worth of work to do well.

That’s not the case with Linc.

Release automation

And optionally, you can have every commit to master that passes all the tests be automatically deployed to your own production infrastructure.

Most of our customers bring a feature into Github on a branch, run all the tests, collaborate where needed and merge into master a short time later to be released to your customers in seconds.


Linc has streamlined our design and development process, and given us super-fast deployments.

Which has changed how our team, and even our entire business, operates.
Rob Sharp
Technology Leader, Digivizer
We initially got Linc to streamline collaboration between our developers and designer.

But it also allowed us to easily involve clinical staff. Getting their feedback early is invaluable.
Robert Kerr
CTO, Seer Medical
“We are a remote-first company and Linc has made it very easy for the development team to collaborate.

But it's also given me real visibility into the work that's getting done.”
Chris Borzillo
CEO, ClearCalcs

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