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Come for the code, stay for the collaboration, get there faster - Digivizer and Linc

Bringing the entire team into product development

Gretchen Scott

Digivizer started using Linc to enable easier testing of its multi-platform, real-time analytics software in production, but the real benefit has come from using Linc to reduce time in getting a new feature to market, by being able to collaborate across the company.

Profile photograph of Rob Sharp, the Digivizer CTO
Rob Sharp, Digivizer CTO

“Whilst we developers love working with Linc, we found the rest of the business also loved it,” says Rob Sharp, CTO.


Digivizer, founded in 2010 by Emma Lo Russo and Clinton Larson, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics company. Digivizer enables organisations to compare all of their social and search media insights, across earned, owned and paid media, and in search and web, in one platform, in real-time. The company was a finalist in the Excellence in Innovation category in 2019 NSW Business Chamber Business Awards, as well as a finalist in the AFR Most Innovative Companies List, has won multiple Big Insights Data Innovation Awards, and has been recognised as a growth leader by the Financial Times, Deloitte, and Smart Company. You can read more about Digivizer’s incredible achievements here.

Digivizer saw the advantages of using Linc to easily test its new features in production, but due to its deeply embedded culture of challenging the status quo, the company quickly discovered wider-reaching benefits. By using Linc’s preview links, the work that the development team was doing could be shared in a simple way with the broader company, including the analytics and business development teams. This sharing of URLs allowed for quicker feedback loops across the organisation. The new features being built by the developers could be shared with everyone, from the product team through to marketing and even the CEO, just by sharing a URL. This created many benefits, including being able to prepare market and customer update announcements in advance, and to develop improved product positioning.  

“The feedback loop in the product development cycle has become much quicker,” adds Rob Sharp, “and as a result, the end-user experience has also improved dramatically.”

Profile photograph of Emma Lo Russo, the Digivizer CEO
Emma Lo Russo, Digivizer CEO

 “Being able to get early Linc insights from product and engineering to see some of the things that we brief in and what it might look like, to provide early feedback, in real-time, has been amazing,” says Emma Lo Russo, CEO. “Being able to understand enough about the product’s lifecycle and its progress through that, to be able to plan the company’s resources, and to  understand how to help our customers be more successful, is really important, and has helped us get new features to market much faster, because of that time advantage.”


Overall, for Digivizer, there has been a reduction in the time it takes to get a new feature to market - and who wouldn’t want that?

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