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Introducing Linc for Slack

Preview links piped directly to Slack

Tom Trinca

We've just published our very own Slack app designed to complement your existing workflow and make it easier for all members of your team to collaborate:

Our Slack app takes one of our core offerings: A unique URL for every commit, against every backend, and enhances it.

These unique URLs, or preview links, allow you to review your real product, not just your code. While preview links are shareable by nature, they're usually only accessible via the Linc interface or as part of our pull request integration. This usually means that only developers with access to either interface must share preview links with the rest of the team. Manually copying and pasting around these links can be a pain - it would be so much easier if everyone in your Slack workspace just had instant access to preview links as they became available.

With the Linc Slack app, whenever one of your builds finishes, we will push preview links of your code changes directly to a given channel in your Slack workspace for anyone in your team to see. On top of automating the sharing of preview links with the rest of your team, this also means you no longer need to jump into the Linc interface or pull request workflow simply to open a relevant preview link.

Involving your teammates in the development process, non-developers and developers alike suddenly becomes much easier. For example, if you're a frontend developer, the process of developing a given piece of UI is often highly collaborative, featuring multiple team members and numerous iterations before arriving at a preferred implementation. Having preview links automatically available to all team members for every code push means that everyone can work together more effectively.

And, when something goes wrong, like a failing build, our Slack app will post a message to your Slack channel containing a deep link to your build log so you and your teammates quickly pinpoint the cause of failure. This can save you a few clicks, but it also means issues in your build pipeline are surfaced faster and actioned sooner:

We think the Linc Slack app will be a great addition to your development workflow. To get started, head to your Site’s settings page and look for the following button:

For more information on installing & using our Slack app, visit the docs.

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