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Linc in Three Minutes

A video introduction

Glen Maddern

What's Linc all about? We've put together a short video to show three of the primary use-cases:


With a unique URL for every commit & every backend, working with designers or other stakeholders is as easy as commit, copy & paste. Now everyone in your organisation can bring their experience and domain knowledge to bear in producing top-quality products.


Code review is such a crucial part of the software process, but all too often we only have time to review what's right in front of us—the code. But the customers don't see code, they see working software, so Linc makes it possible to review the feature, then review the code.


With every commit producing a production-ready Frontend Application Bundle, larger features never get in the way of releasing whatever needs to go out. And since developers tend to commit more often with Linc, you get more granular visibility into how each feature is progressing.


Video transcript:

Hi. Meet Linc.

Linc is an automation platform to help front-end teams, and the businesses they support, collaborate. Let's take a look.

Everything in Linc starts with a commit. Let's say I'm a developer working on a new feature for the Linc homepage. All I need to do is commit and push where I'm up to and Linc will then automatically pick up that new code and deploy it to a unique URL.

Which means now no matter what I'm working on, or how close I am to being finished, I can immediately share my work with anyone. Instead of having to call a colleague over to my desk or wait for a staging server to be available, I can now collaborate instantly with anyone in my organization or outside just by sharing a URL.

Everything is automatic so I never have to break stride. Just commit, push and collaborate.

So now the designer I've been working with is happy with this feature, it's time to move on to the next phase which is code review. And this is where Linc solves another huge problem.

Because traditionally, teams review each change before it's accepted by looking for bugs in the code itself, but that only tells part of the story, especially for front-end applications. Because our customers don't see lines of code, they see the app running, and so for a lot of teams this process can fail to catch a whole class of bugs.

But with Linc, since every PR and every commit is deployed we can test the changes for real—on real devices, with real data, even with real customers—before we release it to everyone.

For example this last change has messed up our mobile experience: the headline is just too big. All the previous preview links are still available so we can confirm that it was definitely this last change to the copy that introduced the bug.

When the new commit comes in Linc will again deploy it for us and so we can confirm that it's definitely fixed the problem. This ability to test your code for real before releasing it can catch all kinds of bugs that were previously missed. From UX or usability problems to differences in data between production and staging.

But this workflow also has another big benefit: it increases visibility into the team for managers or other stakeholders. Not only can managers now properly understand how a feature is progressing, they can also identify roadblocks or challenges as they occur and give guidance or more support. It also means small fixes don't have to wait behind big features to get released since every commit is built for release and ready to go.

If you like, Linc can manage that process for you. We have our code configured so that when I click merge on this pull request the Linc website is instantly deployed to 150 locations worldwide.

Front-end releases can now happen at whatever pace you and your team prefer, rather than being held back by a back-end focused pipeline.

And that's Linc! For everyone in your team, Linc offers a better way for them to work, communicate, and release better software; and for each of your customers, they get a better product, with fewer bugs, sooner.

Head to to learn more or start your free 14-day trial now.

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