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Now hiring Head of Growth

Help us change the way the world develops software products

Erwin van der Koogh

We are extremely excited to be announcing that we are looking for a Head of Growth for Linc. Over the past few months we have been hard at work with a few select customers to build the best possible release automation platform. And while we have incredible plans for Linc going forward, the product as is has already changed the way these companies deliver value to their customers. And it is time we bring that to the world.

You can help us do that.

A bit about us

Linc is a new generation Continuous Integration and Delivery tooling for product development teams.

Our goal is to improve how the world develops software products by allowing them to iterate better, more quickly and more collaboratively

Job Description

At Linc we strongly believe that building products customers love is a team sport and that you can’t separate that into sales, marketing, product and development functions.

Which is why we are looking for a Head of Growth who can recruit, build and lead a diverse, cross-functional team with the singular focus of improving our customer acquisition and enable more product teams worldwide to deliver better products to their customers.

This role is a unique blend of product marketing and product management. To intimately understand our users and customers in order to not only craft amazing marketing copy, but also to drive the roadmap for our free offering.

As the 4th employee of Linc you will initially be doing a lot of this yourself, but as Linc grows, you will be able to grow your team as you see fit. But we foresee a team made up of marketing people, developer advocates and a small, dedicated development team.

Day to day activities would include, but are not limited to: Customer research on both existing and potential customers, in-person and online demos, A/B testing marketing copy, attending conferences, or working with the development team to identify and test  growth opportunities.

Obviously you will be working closely with the founders to set product and company strategy and day to day operations when it comes to closing larger accounts and initiating partnerships for example.

This is a position either in our Melbourne office or remote in Australia.


We are looking for someone with experience in product marketing or growth in a SaaS startup, ideally freemium and/or B2B. Someone who is excited about the broad set of responsibilities, but also thrives on autonomy.

You should absolutely have been involved in the creation of product messaging and positioning.

If you aren’t sure if you have enough experience, feel free to send in your resume anyway and let us take a look.

About you

Besides the experience we are looking for someone with affinity for software development and software developers.

Personality wise we look for three traits for all our employees:


Probably not the first trait that comes to mind for most people when you think of a startup, but we fully believe it is absolutely essential. Psychological safety is the number one predictor of team performance. And in scaling startups a lot of things fall between the cracks. The last thing we need is people focussed solely on their own goals at all costs. And it is about being empathic when it comes to our customers and making sure they get the most out of Linc as possible.

But most importantly, it is about fostering an organisation we want to work in.


In startups no role stays stable for long. We need you to be continuously trying to improve yourself and your team. To be curious about what is going on in the rest of the organisation and how you can help. And to keep talking to customers about what else we could be doing better.


The vision for Linc is to change the way the world develops software products. That is not going to happen if we play it safe. It will involve killing features, copy & campaigns that are beloved by some users (and you), giving constructive feedback to one of your peers and going after that really big potential customer or partnership. 


Top salary range for this role will be $120,000 - $140,000 package with a generous equity package.

Our pledge to diversity

Both co-founders (Glen & Erwin) are very driven to improve diversity in our industry. We do everything we can to create an environment where everyone can thrive. So we absolutely encourage everyone to apply, especially if you are from an underrepresented group. As this potentially a remote position there is plenty of opportunity for flexible working arrangements.

Currently our team is not very diverse yet (3 white guys), but we would be more than happy to put you in touch with similar ex-employees, contractors, ex-colleagues, previous managers and peers for you to vet our intentions and vision.

We deeply care about diversity because it is both the right thing to do and because it makes for better teams, organisations and outcomes.

How to apply

Send us an email at with the following:

  1. A link to your Linkedin profile
  2. What you think would make you successful in this role
  3. Why you would like to work at Linc

Feel free to use the same email address if you have any questions.

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