Deployment configuration

With Linc, you can automatically release FAB generated from commits on your release branch to multiple runtime environments. Currently, Linc supports [email protected] and Cloudflare Workers. This page provides instructions on setting up deployment configuration to use these.

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[email protected]

For a step by step guide on using Cloudformation to setup [email protected] on Linc, view the [email protected] wiki page. Read on if you've done this sort of thing before:

To use [email protected] you'll need to create an SSL certificate in via the AWS Certificate Manager (if you don't already have one). Make sure to set the region to North Virginia. Once you have a certificate, create a CloudFormation stack using this [email protected] cloud formation template we prepared earlier. When prompted, provide the domain names for aliases, your certificate ARN and your Linc site name. Once Cloudformation has been completed, create a access/secret key for the generated user.

Then you'll need to grab the following info and paste it into the Linc [email protected] deploy config for your site:

  • Access Key Id
  • CF Distribution ID (CloudFront Distribution ID)
  • Lambda Arn (Amazon Resource Name)
  • Secret Access Key

If you run into any issues, you can refer to our [email protected] wiki page or open an issue in Linc issues.

CloudFlare Workers

Guide coming soon!

In the mean time, please feel free to email us with questions at [email protected]

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