Erwin van der Koogh

Cofounder & CEO

Eternal developer, recovering management consultant and never satisfied with a status quo.

Blog Posts

Birth of a new generation of CI/CD tooling

We have seen relatively little innovation in commercial CI/CD services in the past few years, but we are on the cusp on a huge shift in what is possible (and soon expected)

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Now hiring Head of Growth

We are hiring for an extremely exciting job opening. Head of Growth, which is not just about marketing, but also responsible for the product development of our free offering.

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Understanding Complexity

Our entire world is becoming more complex by the day, but if we want to have a chance of solving complex problems, we need to appreciate what it is and how it is different.

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Why Linc?

A 2018 study by Nicole Forsgren found that organizations which are the best at software delivery are 50% more likely to be high performers business-wide. That's why we're building Linc.

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