Glen Maddern


Glen Maddern is an independent front-end web developer, consultant & educator. He's the co-creator of Frontend Application Bundles, Styled Components & CSS Modules, co-founder of Linc and creator of Frontend Center, and an organiser of CSSConf AU & JSConf AU.

Blog Posts

Durable Objects in Production

Read how Linc is one of the first products worldwide to use Cloudflare's new serverless real-time data platform.

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Linc in Three Minutes

What's Linc all about? We've put together a short video to show three of the primary use-cases:

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Ten Unexpected Uses for Preview Links

At its core, Linc provides a pretty easy-to-grasp capability: A unique URL for every commit, against every backend. And while that capability might be easy to grasp, the implications are wide-reaching and unexpected.

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